“Coded Bias” film Introduction

It’s pretty rare, in my experience, to get invited to do an introduction to a film. But that’s exactly what happened recently. Tonight(!) the film “Coded Biaspremiers on PBS. Two days later, Discovery Place (a science museum in Charlotte, NC) will screen the film as part of Science on Screen Day. At that event, this video will serve as an introduction to the film. How exciting it is to share these concerns – and solutions – about AI, bias, and facial recognition with more people. With more awareness of the issues and more voices joining the choir for more responsible innovation and policy initiatives, I look forward to speedier progress on these issues that are relevant for all of humanity – maybe not relevant for everyone today, but they will be relevant to everyone in the not too distant future. I hope you enjoy both the introduction and the film (which is very good, IMO).

Steven Tiell

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